Which is the right platform for cross-platform application development

Picking the right app development tools plays an integral part in building a good app. But certain factors come into play when you’re trying to decide which tool is best.

Often, the platform that you want to build the app is the deciding factor of which types of tools you’ll be using. You’re going to use different tools depending on if you’re building an app for Apple or Android platforms.

For example, if your app is being built strictly for the Android platform, then Android Studio is the ideal choice for development. Whereas Xcode is used for iOS apps.


How Covid-19 Is Driving The Evolution Of Industry 5.0 (Getty Images)

Ready or not, the age of Industry 5.0 is here. While many manufacturers are developing methods for implementing new technologies to improve efficiency and productivity, which is the guiding principle behind Industry 4.0, the next phase of industrialization is already upon us.

The ripple effect of Covid-19 continues to impact the way we work, learn, live and play. As the pandemic persists, companies of all sizes are responding with surprising speed and agility to maintain operations, despite the massive threat of massive disruption.

With nearly all business travel being at a halt for around a year, people have discovered new…

Top In-Demand Web Development Frameworks in 2021

Websites are really important for any business, especially when you are looking to expand it and want to increase your reach. These days websites, are a must-have for any business, from physical shops to online stores. Having a website not only brings credibility but also helps in creating a reputation for your brand. In simpler words, websites can do wonders for your business.

However, there are trillions of websites on the internet. Not all websites are successful. A lot goes into the process of web development. It is not an easy job for a web developer to develop a website…

Predictions on Software Development Trends in 2021 — Getty Images

2020 was an unforeseen year for us. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives badly, affecting all the countries, sectors, and almost all individuals.

2020 was a significant year for the Software Development industry with various breakthroughs in different sectors. COVID-19 has sped up the digital transformation significantly, which will shape businesses in the near future.

Let us have a look at the software development trends in 2021.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies have gained prominence during the pandemic. Over 59% of enterprises expect to exceed their cloud usage plans.

Companies are trying to save as much as possible and reduce their costs…

Everything you need to know about reacts native app development

The popularity of React Native is on the rise in recent times. The JavaScript framework, developed by Facebook Team, is the reason behind the success of Facebook, Instagram, and Skype mobile apps.

React Native is a JavaScript framework to natively render mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Universal Windows Platform. As the name suggests, it is based on React, but it doesn’t target the browser. Instead, the platform is ideal for mobile platforms.

React Native applications are written using JavaScript and JSX (HTML/XML-like structures), but then it invokes the native rendering APIs in Objective-C or Java depending on the platform…

AngularJS Vs ReactJS: Quick Comparison

The comparison between React vs. Angular is still a popular topic in the present day. React and AngularJS are both advanced, widely adopted JavaScript (JS) technologies, used to create interactive single-page applications. The number of JS tools for fast single-page application development is on the rise, making the choice of technology to rely on more challenging for us as web developers. This blog will have a quick comparison between AngularJS Vs ReactJS to build a dynamic web application. Let’s have a check.


Considered one of the most popular frameworks, Angular is an open-source Model-View-Controller application, resembling JavaScript. Built by a…

How to Pick the Right Color for Your App Design

Colors create an enhancing effect on human perception, preference, and psychology. The choices about color can be observed in babies as well as the aged.

A few responses to color are inborn, while some are the result of nature or culture. For instance, cool hues act as relaxants, and people often tend to prefer them over their more warm counterparts. The relationship between humans and colors has been around for a long time, acting as an effective communicator.

Understanding The Basics Of Colour

The Colour Theory

Let us have a look at the fundamentals. In color theory, we organize the colors on a color wheel and group them…

How Virtual Employee Assistants Will Take Over In 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a key role in transforming the world and bringing in needy changes across workplaces and industries.

The use of virtual assistants (VAs), which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), automates cognitive tasks of humans and aiding them in real-time speech recognition and intent analysis. Virtual assistants are steadily demonstrating their impact in the modern industrial scenario. Predictions suggest that 1.8 billion people will use smart assistants by 2021 worldwide.

Virtual assistants for workplaces

Before the surge of virtual assistants, a popular belief said that human skills, especially those relating to cognitive tasks, cannot be…

The Future of Digitalization in the Construction Industry

The future belongs to technology. The potential of digitization in the construction industry is vast and unparalleled. Maximum productivity in the industry can be achieved only if all data of the entire life cycle of construction are available at one single point of truth. Here, digital technologies are the key to linking all processes and players.

Digitalization opens a welcoming door for increasing efficiency and quality in the construction industry, as productivity has generally hardly increased at all in recent decades. Construction companies often face an uphill task of completing a project without cost and time overruns or without quality…

How Important Is It To Ensure Optimal Quality For Mobile Apps?

Mobile app developers intense challenges due to constant advancements in technologies, mobile app development trends, and the changing nature of customers. Users are not willing to compromise on performance and quality, which means developers must consider making the apps powerful.

Not all mobile apps become hit on launching. Some miss the spotlight. A study confirms that merely 16% of mobile users return to an app once they are dissatisfied. Optimal mobile app quality is the driving force of the success of an app.

How to perceive mobile app quality and performance?

Mobile application development addresses a wide range of modern user requirements, solving with the help of mobile…

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